About Hello Delivery

Hello delivery is a new upcoming business opened up in 2020 to ensure safe efficient and simple delivery for all customers. Why should you choose us over other businesses? Our company makes sure to cover all needs and, unlike others, does not cut corners. We are taking advantage of new and upcoming technology which can help us make more deliveries in less time in a safer and more efficient route. It is eco friendly and saves you money.


How can I contact Hello Delivery?

We have a dedicated customer services team that works around the clock. The most efficient and simplest way to get in contact is via message, phone or email.


Can I book Hello Delivery anywhere?

Hello Delivery prides itself on reaching the entire country for van services. Go online for a quote today and find out how much Hello Delivery could save you.


Can items be taken upstairs?

Our fleet of men and van drivers will do everything they can to help you with your service. This includes carrying your items upstairs in order to get to their final destination. Don’t forget; if the items are heavy remembered to book a two man team so the job can be carried out the right way!


Packaging services

As expected of us, we provide safety measures including trolleys handy straps and blankets. This ensures that items and packages can be transported efficiently and safely whilst reducing damages on the road. We provide custom packaging options to suit your needs.


How does Hello Delivery ensure top quality delivery?

We make sure all of the vehicles on our platform are of good quality! We get all of the information we can on the vehicles and drivers must go through our rigorous on boarding process before working with Hello Delivery.


Once booked, can I cancel?

We understand that plans can change quickly so within 48 hours of making a booking there is no fee for van service cancellations. Hello Delivery does have to cover the fees for drivers. Therefore up until 48 hours before the delivery date there’ll be a 35% charge of the booking fee. With just 48 hours before the booking date, then the total cost (100%) of the booking fee must be charged.